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Cosmo Magazine on Roaccutane and Sex Drive Loss

Cosmo Magazine on Roaccutane and Sex Drive Loss

Cosmopolitan Magazine argues that Roaccutane is having a devastating effect on the sex lives of thousands of women. Instead of increasing their self-esteem by getting rid of acne, their confidence has in fact plummetted beyond repair, and it may not have to do with acne at all. The article discusses the case of Sarah, a young woman whose sex life came to a standstill once she started treating her ... »

SSRI Reduced Libido

Men’s Health: SSRIs and libido problems

A recent edition of Men’s Health magazine contains a feature-length article exploring the links between SSRIs and decreased sex drive. Known in the medical literature as post-SSRI sexual disorder, or PSSD for short, the condition has been receiving increasing attention in medical journals. The author of the article, Paul John Scott – who explains that he himself developed erectile dysfunctio... »

Antidepressant adverse effects

National debate over dangers of antidepressant adverse effects

The suicide of a young Danish man has sparked national debate over the dangers of antidepressant adverse effects. Danilo Terrida was 20 years old when he died in 2011, and since then the country’s health agency, Sundhedsstyrelsen, has amended legislation affecting the prescription of these medications.  The Copenhagen Post report includes the following excerpts:   Terrida’s family said ... »

Sexual Dysfunction

Propecia, Accutane, SSRIs: 120 Cases of Ongoing Sexual Dysfunction After Stopping Treatment

A research paper on sexual dysfunction published in The International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine has highlighted the “extensive overlap in symptom profile” shared by three widely prescribed pharmaceuticals: Propecia, Accutane and SSRIs. The study focuses on patients reporting ongoing sexual dysfunction despite stopping treatment with these medications. The research team i... »

Lupron Depot

Writer describes health concerns over Lupron Depot

Chicago-based writer Toma Lynn Smith has described the life-changing side effects she experienced after just two injections of Lupron Depot. Publishing on the Huffington Post‘s health blog, she explained that the medication has caused serious consequences for her health. Key excerpts from her article include: “My personal testimony is that after receiving two shots, I had hot flashes, ... »

Dr Rynne on Post-Finasteride Syndrome in The Medical Independent

Dr Rynne on Post-Finasteride Syndrome in The Medical Independent

Dr Andrew Rynne has published a case study on Post-Finasteride Syndrome for The Medical Independent, an international-award winning investigative newspaper. The article – which focuses on the “persistent or permanent” sexual side effects of finasteride – describes the plight of Damian, a 29 year-old software developer living with the condition. Initially suffering no ill-effects, the study subject... »

Memory disorders

Memory disorders “significantly associated” with antidepressant and isotretinoin use

Memory disorders and related problems are a key concern of members, including those affected by isotretinoin (Accutane, Roaccutane) and antidepressants (fluoxetine, paroxetine and venlafaxine) – two of our featured medications. French researchers, publishing in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, have found that both are “significantly associated” with ... »

Accutane side effects

Teen hospitalized through Roaccutane side effects

A British teenager was left bed-ridden for nine months after taking the acne drug – she collapsed at school, required treatment for severe depression and had to be fed through a tube.  Hospital specialists told her that part of her brain had been affected by the medication. Emma Fox explained her experience to ITV, the UK’s largest television channel: Whilst undergoing hospital treatme... »

Roaccutane side effects

Roaccutane side effects discussed in British Parliament

Today Roaccutane side effects were discussed by British Members of Parliament.  During the session, held in Westminster Hall, concerns about sexual dysfunction and other long-term health effects were raised. MPs called for intensive research into the adverse effects they described. Selected excerpts: Sexual dysfunction is not included in the patient information notes; Roche said that they were not... »