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Cosmo Magazine on Roaccutane and Sex Drive Loss

Cosmo Magazine on Roaccutane and Sex Drive Loss

Cosmopolitan Magazine argues that Roaccutane is having a devastating effect on the sex lives of thousands of women. Instead of increasing their self-esteem by getting rid of acne, their confidence has in fact plummetted beyond repair, and it may not have to do with acne at all. The article discusses the case of Sarah, a young woman whose sex life came to a standstill once she started treating her ... »

Roaccutane side effects

Roaccutane side effects discussed in British Parliament

Today Roaccutane side effects were discussed by British Members of Parliament.  During the session, held in Westminster Hall, concerns about sexual dysfunction and other long-term health effects were raised. MPs called for intensive research into the adverse effects they described. Selected excerpts: Sexual dysfunction is not included in the patient information notes; Roche said that they were not... »