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      In the United States, manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals are not held liable for adverse effects.

      The manufacturers of Epuris in Canada and Absorbica in the United States could possibly be held accountable for sexual side effects since both brands are a new formulation of an isotretinoin delivery system.

      Has anyone attempted to contact a law firm regarding unlisted sexual side effects of either Epuris or Absorbica?

      Has anyone outside of the United States contacted a law firm regarding unlisted side effects of other brands of isotretinoin?

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      I found a firm in the UK who was willing to take up our case.

      My son, understandably, is unwilling to pursue it because he is embarrassed and humiliated!

      We have another year to be eligible to make a formal complaint.

      This would be to our local health authority rather than the pharmaceutical company.


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      Hello again and welcome to LS.

      Thanks for posting this! Remind your son that he may miss out on his only chance to pursue compensation towards paying for what may be very expensive medical treatments and diagnostics some day.

      Do you mind sharing the name of the firm?

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      Hi hatetane, just wanted to say thanks for joining our site. You are one of the earliest members of a site that will become one of the biggest of its kind. Thanks for doing your part!

      I am sorry to hear about you son. I am guessing from your post that he has persisten sexual dysfunction problems – is this the case? It would be handy if you could post your son’s situation in the stories section.

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