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    Hey guys,

    A few people have been complaining about the disorganization of this forum since it was just a temporary one so we could all sync back up after getting banned.

    There is another option at Area 1255 forum, if you want to move that.  We would be pretty safe considering Area got banned from RP a long time ago too.  It seems to be more organized and easier to navigate.  If anyone else has any other suggestions let me know.


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    Wouldn’t hate it. I have a login there.

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      Nice work Tubzy, does not really bother me what we use as long as we can all speak freely. I do find this forum challenging to navigate how the reply’s to messages don’t show at the bottom of the thread.



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    scratch that I think we are getting a new entire forum that I/we will own with gbol

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    That is theeeee sickest!

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      awesome man

      thanks for doing this

      I’m completely banned from ray peat now lol.

      it’s like a cult their. those people have issues.

      In all honesty for the several months I was a member their I never read or cared about ray peat or what he had to say anyway. I guess these guys felt like we where “using” their forum for our own needs. But what does this say about haidut?

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    New forum/site just got up…still doing some changes but it is much better..register now lol

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