Potential Documentary Opportunity.

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    Hello, everyone. Very often, this Accutane situation makes me feel like my tires are spinning in the mud. But apparently, there may be an opportunity for large media exposure around the corner. Approximately one month ago on an Accutane Facebook group, a guy posted saying he has connections to an actor who works for a large film company. Allegedly, they are interested in making a documentary about dangerous drugs. Said man on Facebook group asked if anyone is interested in making a documentary pitch. I volunteered. Yes, the details are sketchy, but I have reason to believe the man in the Facebook group is being genuine. He appears to be affiliated/connected to a major lawsuit that has occurred against Roche in the past. That being said, a chance is a chance. We’re desperate for a break.

    Going through the process of making this pitch has been extremely stressful. I made SEVERAL previous versions, which I thought were more comprehensive or flowed better, but apparently SETTING, PRESENTATION, and EMOTION really matter for documentary pitches, possibly equally as much as the facts contained in the video itself! I did a LOT of complaining when he criticized my previous versions, because I put in 35-40 hours of FREE work on a silly hunch, which will serve to make somebody else money in the end. That and the critiques seemed inconsequential to the message (e.g., straightness of the camera, lighting, filming location), but he just wanted the film company to take us seriously.

    Anyway, I think Facebook man and I are happy with this version. My feelings of indignation aside, the ripple effect of the potential documentary is what matters. And that’s what motivated me through the nonsense. As of now, I’m waiting for the confirmation that is permissible to submit to the film company. Apparently, if this documentary pitch convinces the film company to produce a documentary, it can potentially appear on Vice and Netflix, which hopefully helps kick-start scientific investigation into post-Accutane sufferers.

    Hopefully you guys approve. There was so much to cover in the 5-10 minute time limit. In the end, I won’t have a say in the final product. Again, this is merely a pitch. (I apologize for my dorky mannerisms. I was a bit nervous during this filming process because I was scared it would be rejected for some arbitrary factor again, haha.)

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    To be clear as well as sum it up: This potential documentary will be specifically about Accutane. The film company seems interested in drug related controversies in general, and the GOAL was to make a documentary pitch that could “sell” Accutane as an idea. This pitch must go through the approval of Facebook guy as well as his connection before any film company sees it. Hopefully this isn’t a farce. But again, I have reason to believe this could go somewhere.

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