Recovery Program and Progress made so far from adverse reaction to Saw Palmetto.

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      I am currently not fully recovered, although i have seen a huge improvement in my symptoms. I have seen my daily spontaneous erections go from half size and width  to full size and almost full strength. I can now have sex without medication. I now get up to 10 daily spontaneous erections. I have seen my orgasm go from watery ejaculate just coming out with no feeling at all to strong powerful orgasms. I have seen the sensitivity of my penis go from non-existent to really strong. No return of libido as yet. I believe that is the last of the sexual sides to return, marking full recovery.

      I have seen my mood and my relaxation level dramatically improve, i now remember my dreams every night when i sleep. This indicates deeper sleep and better sleep. For a long time , i could not remember my dreams at all.

      My energy levels have improved a lot also, still dealing with fatigue, but a lot less than before.

      My recovery so far has taken many years, the reason why it is taking so long is that i have had a lot of “crashes”. I believe that it is the “crashes” that really add time to the recovery period. There might be people who have not had any crashes at all and i think that they could be recovered in 6 months or even less if they do everything right. I had around 3 or 4 crashes before i went to my urologist. The only medication i have taken is viagra and a couple of T shots. I believe that taking half a viagra tablet for 4 days in a row, masturbating as long as i could without ejaculating was what stopped the crashes for me. I would not recommend this, it seems that a couple of T shots will produce the same results and is a lot easier.

      Besides taking a couple of T shots and viagra for a while, i have not taken any other medications or supplements. All of the improvements i have made so far has come from diet, exercise, meditation , semen retention ( 2 to 3 ejaculations monthly) and general stress management.

      This advice was given to me by a TCM doctor and everything that i was told has worked for me. My story is pretty long, you can read it all in detail as well as my program and progress made in my website.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.



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