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      have been on ru486 for a week n a half to try and cure post finateride syndrom. hope it goes well!

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      Guess who



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      Yo, is this forum to keep it secret or we can share with all the guys from the old forum?

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      Keep on sharing the good info please, anywhere  :good:

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      Yessss :yahoo:

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      I think we just doubled the entire forum member count…

      And the knowledge nuggets we about to drop on these ppl is going to be life altering…

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      Heeere – but why we here if the main man isn’t?

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      Here – is gbolduev coming?

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      Present as well ūüėČ

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      Hoping that gbold will show up eventually. Tubzy has been speaking with him through Skype so we’ll see.

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      Hey everyone. Been following all the threads on the other site for awhile, never taken fin but was a heavy green smoker off and on for a few years (2007-2010 especially) and haven’t had it since 2014, however I have¬†similar symptoms periodically. Also experimented with saw palmetto a bit in 2014. I think my hair loss jumpstarted back in 2004 and 2007 with rounds of prednisone for illness, the 2007 which was for shingles, so I was definitely stressed out at the time. The zinc+manganese alone is already making a noticeable difference in the guy stuff, so I like where these discussions are going! Glad to be here. B-)

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        Hi Milky, what have you

        noticed improve while taking zinc and manganese? How

        much are you taking and for how long have you taken it for? It’s great you are seeing results already.

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        After 2 days of taking zinc 30 mg + manganese 8mg (both from Pure Encapsulations) the main thing I noticed right away was actually an uptick in libido and wood strength. I’ve taken it mostly every day with a few off days in between for about a week now and this has continued. I also am noticing my fingernails seem harder and the white tips are more pronounced? I think Bolduev’s thing about iron being bio-unavailable may be correct.

        I’ve often suspected I had issues with iron, it’s always high in serum as well (hemoglobin is usually 17.5 or so) along with high RBC and hematocrit. I gave blood 5 times in a row every 3 months and watched my hemoglobin go down by the 3rd time to 16.0, but the 4th and 5th donations tanked my energy levels (prob cuz I gave away too many other minerals as well) and the last was over a year ago.

        I’ve also completely stopped drinking liquid milk and cut way down on cheese, along with eating more cooked vegetables every day, like literally forcing them by the plateful as often as I can. They have replaced most of the fruit and fruit juice I was consuming. I’ve noticed a nice change in my skin quality all the sudden as well and I think it’s a combo of all these things. My hair is buzzed and super clean and nice feeling with the salt scrubbing, so overall in just a short week or two I’ve noticed some definite improvements. I feel like my gut has loosened up, but I haven’t checked to see what the scale says. Don’t really care, I just use it as one of many references.

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        Damn you are getting me excited with the zinc and mang! haha

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        Hey Milky, welcome to the forum. If you read through the thread on RP you’ll notice that gbold mentions similar symptoms coming after pot use. Seems everything is related!

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        Yep, I followed the threads pretty close and copy/pasted quite a bit of info I found useful. I finally got wise on the pot thing, esp after noticing the long term effects on others I knew who’d been doing it for years. One of my friends had smoked since high school and was completely shiny bald by 30 for one.

        I didn’t start until I was 27 and did it for about 3 years (that’s what I get for hanging around musician friends) and it was during that time my sleep tanked, I was stoned at night often and slept during the day, etc. and got really sick often. Ended up really depressed to the point of going to see a counselor thru EAP (family probs at the time, the counselor told me straight up- get divorced and quit your job, you’ll feel much better haha). I got bumped to a psyche after that and all they literally did was talk to me for 10 minutes before trying to send me on my way with a script for zoloft. I struggled really hard with that reality and fought it, but got the “I can’t help you if you won’t let me” schtick so I relented and gave it a try. 10 days on zoloft and I was a complete zombie. I was falling asleep at the wheel, staring at the blank fucking walls…and my dick and balls practically disappeared. I flushed that shit down the toilet and that was it, never went back, but…

        I decided to continue self medicating instead which also included alcohol. Ended up losing¬†my job due to layoffs a few months later and then got the shingles a few months after that, then thought I was losing my mind when I started taking what they prescribed me (antiviral, prednisone and oxy all at once). I was suicidal and crawling out of my skin¬†on that mix, so I dropped all but the antiviral because I didn’t want the shingles to come back.

        Got divorced 6 months later and then spent a year off drowning in the bottle and smoking lots of cigarettes. When I climbed out of that hole things seemed to normalize a good bit, started working again and getting on a regular schedule, however my diet was the worst ever, just fast food and junk all the time, and still smoking (switched to e-cigs for 6 weeks to wean off and was done by Feb 2012).

        In Sep 2012 I tried to do a week long juice diet (not a fast, per se) and only made it 3 days, then relapsed at McD’s at 1 in the morning one night with a big mac, double cheeseburger, fries and a coke! Hated myself for that shit and made the decision things still had to change but it had to be something I could do.

        Started researching for about 3 weeks and found paleo….didn’t have the typical story there but followed the Kurt Harris version (included rice and starches, etc. 100-200g of carbs per day was fine, just eat clean food, etc.) and honestly I did SUPER on that protocol for a year. Lost a bunch of weight (from 255 lbs to 185 lbs in 7 mos) and felt better than I pretty much ever had as an adult. Ate lots of seafood too. Got too far into the herd mentality though and started driving carbs too low and then ended up with low body temps, blood sugar issues, increase in allergies, etc. pretty much all the low carb shit, but the kicker was of course when my hair started actually shedding in clumps in the shower (I laugh about this now but it sure sucked at the time). I was too dumb to pay attention properly back then to know what was working and what wasn’t. Then I found Peat’s writings through Danny Roddy, etc. and started doing what? EATING SUGAR AND DRINKING FUCKING MILK AGAIN.

        The RP diet has mostly been a nightmare, I’m basically a cleaner fat & happy guy now, I’m only 230 but was 190 when I started RP 4 years ago, so yeah 40 lbs in 4 years, no bueno. And it’s all because of the milk and sugar. I also dabbled with pot again in 2014 around the same time I attempted to fix my metabolism by lifting a bunch of weights and eating everything a la Matt Stone. This period drove me up to 240 and ended up leading to me getting injured while lifting. I also started smoking again, for about a year. There’s more to all of it, but that’s my disaster story in a nutshell. :wacko:

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      The gangs all here haha

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      back in business!!


      should we invite Charles?

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      Just to give an update to everyone!

      this is day 2 off ru and libido is good and Dick sensitivity is nuts!

      Just fooled around with my gf but didn’t cum as I don’t wanna increase prolactin rn but I was a freaking rock!

      mood is shit for days tho.

      im looking forward to the mood pick up as I thought that would come first haha went to the gym today too and I felt like I could have kept freaking going haha in fact that lifted my mood a bit but I’m still pretty mellow n downish but it’s picked up a bit after the gym.

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        That is great to hear! Keep it up man. Just try not to shoot any missles yet and conserve energy haha.

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        awesome man glad to hear.

        sounds promising

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        When you say “Dick sensitivity is nuts!”

        What does it mena? It means that you have a good sensitivity or that your sensitivity is shit?

        Sorry, my english.

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        Awesome news mate! that’s results the people want to see.. Keep the updates coming it makes my day to read the positive results in all areas.

        Great to see some familiar names here, it’s great to have everyone back and cheers Namaste for sorting out the new forum, solid effort.








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      Hey friends – thanks for coming over to this forum. Glad all of you could make it.

      If you’re curious about gbolduev and his theory, be sure to check out my outline post here:¬†

      Hoping to get him set up with an account for some discussion.

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      We all got banned from posting in the PFS thread anyways (I think Charlie locked the thread)

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>That stinks :negative: Good thing we arrived here. Props Namaste.</p>

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      yeah good find my dude!

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      Thanks for inviting me over!

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      Disgraceful by those losers over at ray peat to ban this discussion. Absolutely disgraceful. They are nothing more than bottom feeders who worship some loser who has been proven incorrect on pretty much all the advice he has given. Gboluev has blown up all their theories in their face, hence the ban.

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      I updated the other thread, but I sent gbol the links and told him what was going on, I hope he joins soon, honestly he was open to the idea originally so I think we should be good.

      Yeah, the ban thing was ridiculous and then the thing with “his was lifted” then he locks the thread…haha WTF

      then threatened to ban me for speaking for him LOL

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        Agree with all of that. They got too precious. He clearly thinks a lot of ray peat’s ideas are a load of crap and he had the evidence to back it up. They couldn’t handle it. To crack the sads over you posting on his behalf, when all it was doing was helping us and contained nothing anti ray dickhead peat, was just pettiness from them.

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        Yeah, agreed.  It was just straight clarification, no slander or anything.

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      Where are you guys at who have done the RU? Are you all a few days off it? Anything happen either good or bad once coming off it?

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        i think we have all gotten off ru by this point. i beieve joe n tubzy had their last dose yesterday and my last dose was on friday.

        scenes has been off for i think 3 or 4 days? i could be wrong. it seems we are all seeing different improvements.

        i have a feeling that the best time to get off the drug is as soon as you hit your peak of awesomeness! like when you just feel amazing you you think “it cant get any better than this” i think thats when to hop off. for us that all came around 1 week in i beleive.

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      Charlie never warned me  not to post in other threads.  that is ridiculous.

      This is the post they got me banned for

      Haidut as usual was  trying to spin RU into Peat. And this guy  Drareg  kept insulting me over and over again.  He insulted me  like in 30 posts and Charlie made sure that I could not respond to him.

      They got what they wanted, they  wanted the  undertstanding , now they have it. Now  they will spin  it all into Peat, just watch.


      Cortisol blocker increases  Cortisol while you are on it.  Serotonin blockers increase  serotonin while you are on it.


      What were are doing  is taking them and then getting off of them to actually have  stronger cortisol and stronger  progesterone and stronger serotonin.

      What Haidut says is to block  cortisol, and block serotonin.  I want him to  actually block it and stay on it.  It is like staying on RU forever.   What will happen.     I know what will happen, you will tank your metabolism to zero.


      If RU acts like progesterone like Haidut says,  then  Why it tanks the metabolism LOL

      Read this  Ray Peat article.

      “The mutant BRCA gene prevents the cell, even in the presence of progesterone, from turning off estrogen’s effects the way it should. The antiestrogenic RU486 (some articles below), which has some of progesterone’s effects (including therapeutic actions against endometrial and breast cancer), appears to overcome some of the effects of that mutati”

      Antiestrogenic?   Ok.   How about this?

      Not enough,   ok how about this.

      Progesterone tanks testosterone by inhibiting  3 beta hsd , Peat says this himself many times and it is the truth.  That is why  Peat does not rec progesterone to men.   RU486 raises testosterone, estrogen  prolactin, the whole axis( studies above).    So this is direct contradiction  of what Haidut is trying to spin.

      I think they  understood that they are wrong. And thus will do anything to spin this into  Peat, otherwise the whole business will just disappear


      This actually questions anything Peat says.  Same as high altititude Co2 retention.  At high altitude you  have low CO2, you have  resp alkalosis, that is why  people  use azetozalomide  to  get rid of  the symptoms.



      the problem with that forum now, is that it is a business now , selling supplements where  one person  Haidut keeps posting posting posting  same  stuff with biased  studies  and conclusions. It is not even Ray Peat anymore.  Ray Peat offered a diet, not a chemical laboratory.

      IMO what they are doing is very dangerous, ¬†Since ¬† Haidut Georgi, does not ¬†understand many things. ¬†His approach IMO is very limited and surfacy and with this kind of knowledge to push supplements on people is crazy. And I like the guy, I talk to him over Skype. I have no bad feelings towards him or anything. I just ¬†don’t agree with his business or approach with hormones. I don’t think he is qualified to do this ¬†generalizational kind of hormonal balancing . I think no one is qualified to do that, since it ¬†is simply wrong.

      I would def  have trouble  sleeping if I were feeding supps to people.  I say stay away from all the  supps.

      The forum members cant even discuss things themselves, They need to be guided LOL

      This is a pathetic  practice.   Guided to buy supplements.


      This is exactly why  PFS thread  was blocked.  Since Charlie  knew that  people would  flee that  forum like crazy.

      Anyhow, who cares about them.

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      I  noticed someone mentioned  some guy   committed  a suicide after  fooling around with AI,  progesterone and clomid

      Read this,  this is real people  leaving real feedback.  This is  regular progesterone they are taking

      Look at every other post,  SUICIDAL THOUGHTS.

      Look at the symptoms these people got.  It resembles  PFS , does not it. And this is from regular progesterone.

      This is all  because some medical gurus think that  if hormone is low in blood , you need to take more of it.  Hormones are regulatory.  they are raised to  or lowered to retain or lose minerals.


      Taking hormones, bypasses all your mineral regulations. ¬†I cant believe ¬†those people don’t get that. ¬†Stop feeding hormones to people, Georgi. ¬†You can ¬†make normal ¬†mineral supplement, ¬†herbs or anything that ¬†goes thru digestive regulation. ¬† HORMONES don’t go thru digestive regulation. ¬† You take zinc, ¬†body can choose not to digest it. ¬† You take progesterone, body ¬†has no chance to regulate it but by ¬†lowering digestion of zinc

      Most people have problems  with   stomach acid   which consists out of 4 acids at least.

      Sulfuric,  nitric,  hydrochloric,  acetic.  All these acids   can ionize  different minerals.

      COPPER cant be ionized by  any of these acids,  except nitric acid .  When you have high CO2 levels,  nitric acid is lowered in the body  , not to create NO , since  CO2 activates  NO.




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      I am not saying I am  right  in this or other aspects, but  I am willing to research it and  actually discuss it and try things.  And also try to explain why some people feel bad on this and feel good on that.

      I even mentioned that there could be 2 cases in PFS  and one of them could be helped  by progesterone and dexamethasone.

      But I will never push to take hormones. or supplements . It makes no sense to me.

      If I ever provide any supplementation for anyone.  For one  it would be for FREE.

      And secondly it would be a system, where people can  take what they need.  And for short  term.

      But  BS like  oh you are missing progesterone, take progesterone,  or you are missing  DHT take DHT.  What?


      This is what propecia, nandrolone,  deca is.  they are progesterone and DHT in one.

      That is why if you take  nandrolone  when you have PFS,   PFS will go away.  If you take DHT and progesterone, PFS will go away.  WHILE YOU ARE ON  IT


      Haidut  suggests people to all  sit on steroid cycles, LMAO     and people  say  oh  my grandma took progesterone and T3  and  wow Ray Peat is a genius.   Hello,    medical  world has been giving out T3 to every  other person these days.  With progesterone.  What any of this has to do with Ray Peat?  these are the patches of the  real problems.

      And  I know  personally many  people who were given thyroid  and they have terrible veins now since they cant  handle the oxidation stress anymore


      M0st people are eating sugars all the time, drink coffee daily , ¬†and ¬†tons of them are prescribed thyroid and most of them ¬†don’t exercise. ¬†Is this Ray Peat’s approach?. I dont get it. they all are doing it without ¬†Peat as it is.

      Haidut himself can’t tolerate any thyroid? ¬†what happened? ¬† ¬†You are not ¬†hypothyroid ? I thought ¬†everyone ¬†is hypothyroid according to Peat. LOL. ¬† ¬†Just take ¬†some thyroid supplement ¬†then and stay on it , we will see what will happened to you. ¬†If something like ¬†this which is ¬†the ¬†foundation of Peats claims does not work then may be ¬†all other stuff is also bogus and matches ¬†certain body types? ¬† I wonder



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        Good to see you hear. Let’s hope people begin to get results from ru over the next few weeks. How long do you you expect the snap back period to last for them until we can judge the full effects of ru? 4 weeks? Longer? Will they get worse initially on the snap back and then bounce back to good as gold?

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        Don’t want to put a long reply here as I’m no expert but even I could see the crazy ideas at work over there.  Messing with hormones especially thyroid is something I would never do without a very serious medical reason.  I was a new comer to the RP forum and was surprised at how liberally they recommended stuff like that.


        Im all for experimentation but got to have some sense about it too!!

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      Hey all 2nd morning off RU. Arousal yesterday while with my girl. Morning today was good. Going to work and hoping the clarity I exhibited Friday remains.

      Another day pointing in the right direction.

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        Good stuff, let’s hope it keeps going upwards.

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      And I got banned from ray peat too now haha.

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        That place is filled with ignorance, which is ironic really. The mods are no help, it all comes down to Charlie’s “ban hammer” and he won’t admit he just doesn’t like certain people and makes them go away as he sees fit.

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        did you get blocked from posting on the forum or did you get banned from the whole site ?

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      @gbolduev amazing stuff. Glad we have a forum for you over here for now at least.

      I know about your belief regarding ammonia being a major cause for CFS. Along with PFS, I have pretty bad CFS that has been improving (actually pfs is improving too) by battling a mycoplasma infection/Lyme with Rife, herbs, diet, sauna these last two months. Again, improvements have be en fascinating to say the least but CFS is still my biggest issue. I realize combination of elevated ammonia, low end cortisol, and liver detoxification issue (elevated beta glucorinidase) are probably the major issues for my fatigue.

      A liver flush gave me my best 2 days after one last week. What else could you recommend in this battle for getting this toxin out of my body? I am considering a 15-21 day breiss fast in a couple weeks or so as well.

      Thank you!


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        are you the guy in solvepfs who spoke about getting better/cured from spinach?

        Did you test your low cortisol or that’s a supposition?

        Plus I would like to understand what @gbolduev thinks about this theory regarding parasites where people claims to get rid by curing parasites, bacterias etc……

        Does it make sense?

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        Guys can we try to keep it relatively on topic. We have other forums if we want to go over all these other minor things. This topic is for RU and gbold’s theory. If you want to discuss all these other things, solvepfs is waiting for you.

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      • UWuf, I‚Äôm not the spinach guy haha I still have PFS!

      My cortisol isn’t super low. It’s tested. It’s in range but on the low end of the range. Also I do have a test on a day where I was super run down (before pfs don’t ask me how this happened) and the cortisol was extremely low.

      Believe when my body gets too fatigued, overworked, and/or flooded with toxins HPA just drops down significantly. It’s funny- right now the best thing for pulling me out of fatigue temporarily is a cold shower followed by a sauna for a half hour followed by another cold shower. I can’t say for certain why, but short term it’s great.  Coffee enemas too help short term. A 14 day juice fast helped about a month back long term along with that liver flush last week.

      I’m on a very Gbol-friendly diet with rolled outs in the morning (made into pancakes yumm), a 32 oz veggie juice daily, and pick on mostly veggies, some fruit,  rice and I’ll have 1 main meal the rest of the day which would be my meat (fish or just a little grilled chicken).

      Liver flush was awesome- this past Friday (the day after), I woke up feeling great. Was about to go to gym that night and my roommates girlfriend came over with a friend. Well that friend made my weekend nice and libido has been churning nicely since haha. I mean it’s low libido but it’s libido for sure which is great to have.

      I was completely impotent only 3 months ago so things are moving ahead nicely and can’t wait for my fast followed by RU cycles.

      Still ammonia and fatigue right now are definitely my biggest things and I have a long way to go with both.

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      Do you know anyone trying ulipristal? As I said to gbolduev mifepristone is more difficult to get for me. Gbolduev said to me that both are similar. But anyone that you know has tried ulipristal? If yes, what are the protocol used and the results?

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        People are trying it on the PSSD forum with success.

        I believe the guy who reported the best results took 5mg /day for 1 week. I’m still not convinced that dose is strong enough though.

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        Ok thank you namaste!

        I’m trying to get 2 or 3 pills of ulipristal. The pill is 30mg so I could try up to six doses of 15mg or 12 doses of 7.5mg. I accept suggestions.

        That guy tried to divide the pill in 6 parts of 5mg and it seems he could not do it and crushed the pill.

        If I can get the pills I report back the results. I’m in south america and its not so easy.


    • #2322
      • #2325

        This study is promising and could seriously be the root of the problem.

      • #2347

        hey man

        thanks for coming over.


        I got my RU today!!

        I’m waiting until I get my labs done though.

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        Can you explain this to us in simple terms and what it means for us?

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      So far pretty good. Morning of day 3 off… Day 2 was brain clear but no libido nor any randoms.

      Similar to coming off fin, this crash from Ru could be a two week rebuild minimum. So far, no negatives or nothing worse. Better morning wood so still a step in the right direction. Hanging much more normal throughout the day.

      I also want to say the erections don’t feel floppy or like they’re going to snap off as much as they did. That’s another side effect I had but appears to be improving.

      I’m not against using a dopamine agonist but much later. Or looking to lower prolactin naturally. Not yet tho.

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      I’m working on getting a nice organized forum up with a good domain.¬† Appreciate the patience

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      I’m day 3 off RU, things are fluctuating for sure.¬† The biggest symptom is on and off headaches.¬† My libido is still very high but not consistent, mood fluctuates and metabolism still is slow like when I was on RU.¬† I think my cortisol hasn’t picked back up yet which is from the headaches. My prolactin feels high because refractory period between ejac is much much longer.

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      [quote quote=2329]I’m day 3 off RU, things are fluctuating for sure. The biggest symptom is on and off headaches. My libido is still very high but not consistent, mood fluctuates and metabolism still is slow like when I was on RU. I think my cortisol hasn’t picked back up yet which is from the headaches. My prolactin feels high because refractory period between ejac is much much longer. [/quote]

      You basically still are all on the drug. That half life is what 70 hours or so? Gonna need a week or two to clear. When I was really messed up and given an antipsychotic I hated it so badly, worst thing was the 70 hour half life waiting for that thing to get out of my body.

      Don’t think we should be expecting anything crazy for another week or so.

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        Yes I agree, this is expected so far and everyone that has came of RU so far has been kinda feeling the same way. I think it cortisol could be low when coming from because it was being blocked and adrenaline took over, not sure but many symptoms a lot of us have been having revolve around low cortisol, I.e. joint pain, headaches etc.

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      I have the feels today. Seem emotional for some reason. Def been a while since i noticed this.

    • #2335

      Today I feel like myself but like a more tame version haha hard to explain. I’ll take it tho! Listened to some good songs that I used to jam to in high school and it gave me the feels. Good signs I suppose!

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      I know this the RU trial thread.

      Just wanted to comment that I am into day 4 of refeed,¬† post my 14 day water fast, experiencing extremely positive results with respect to my skin.¬† I’m taking zero supplements, just food, mainly lemon egg soup, rice along with seafood; salmon, tuna, shrimp, oysters, scallops.¬† Been using some Bruess juice as well.

      Last night was the first night I sleep 7.5hrs straight through, in a very very long time(glycogen re-filling).

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        Good to hear man!! This may be for ru but feel free to post about any kind of protocol man.

        Glad you’re getting some good results!

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      I was completely banned from ray peat for simply taking about our RU trials.


      I am really disappointed. I guess the forum was a sham set up to buy huidot’s products from his lab.

      as soon as it appeared we where not interested in his products we where banned. No one started banning until hudiot came into the end of the thread. I blame him directly.

      I’ll never purchase anything from this guy again.

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        That’s some bullshit man!

        This just goes to show that the thread was never created with the intent of curing anything! Only to mask symptoms and put a baindaid on it! Pisses me off man. Big pharma type idealology on the small scale.

    • #2341

      I completely agree. I think this is why haidut pushed the issue with having us banned.

    • #2344

      Wish I could delete all my stuff there on RP. It’ll never help anyone anyhow now.

      Welcome Orion

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      got my RU today!!!!!!

    • #2349

      New forum/site just got up…still doing some changes but it is much better..register now lol

    • #2351

      New forum created by tubzy. Now we can discuss non peat things in peace and in a forum that’s more aerhetically pleasing lol

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      [quote quote=2348]got my RU today!!!!!! [/quote]
      <!–more–>heck yeah!! Good luck :yahoo:

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      I just registered in the new forum

      Wait you all over there!!))

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